The Role of the Painter and Paintings

A painter doesn’t participate and get involved in the great affairs of the age. A painter must not act for then he will forget about painting. He will get caught up in action and have no time for painting. No matter how exciting the game is, a painter must never participate. A painter must only observe.

A painter doesn’t speak out and give fantastic speeches on the pressing issues of the age. A painter must forget how to speak. His expression must come out visually. Whenever he wants to speak, he should stop and practice to express his thoughts visually by drawing images in his private notebook. The drawings may be childish and ugly but with practice they are destined to become powerful.

Direct guidance and commandments seldom work. So direct painting should be avoided. What cannot be expressed directly, or even if expressed loses power, can be more effectively and powerfully expressed visually. Such subjects should be carefully observed and collected.

An image of her beauty is more powerful than mere words. An image of his athletic body is more powerful than mere words. Mine and explore such subjects and produce works of art which cannot be expressed through words alone.

A painter is not a lion the king of beasts. A painter is a bird that cannot be caught. The lion kills and devours. A bird may live only on fruits and seeds. A painter never confronts but simply flies away. The painter has the power of flight. Where most animals will swim or walk, the painter will fly.

The ultimate goal is of course that of beauty and awe. Great works of art move the heart. Creates an endearing feeling that cannot be expressed through words alone. There is no other feeling like it. It cannot be felt by looking at any reproduction be it print or digital. It must be felt directly standing face to face in front of a painting.

A painting speaks a thousand languages, spans every race, religions and culture. You don’t need to know a particular language or know how to read to look at a painting. There is great power in images. A painter should understand this.

A painting can convey many realities. The same hills, trees, and fields painted by different artists each depicting a different reality as if a window to different worlds. A photograph can only depict what is but a painting can depict thousands of variations of what is and even what might be.

A painting is everlasting. A book withers away, music needs performers but 30,000 years old cave paintings still remains. No other medium spans so effectively across the ages.

The real question is often simple, plain and offensive. Like how much money do you have in your bank account? In the hands of the painter lies a very interesting tool. What will he do with it? Will he learn how to see? Will he dedicate his life to it?