The Selfish Act of Generosity

Sometimes it feels so good to give, really, really good. How can it be possible when all we want is more? It’s really easy, when you love someone deeply, it’s so satisfying to do something for them, it feels so good in the heart to give.

For example, I love my son, he had 2 pieces of some delicious exotic chocolate that would melt in your mouth. He saw me in the room so offered one to me. I love those chocolates, so after making sure that he wouldn’t feel bad to impart with one, I decided to have it. As I was about to open the wrapper I decided not to, I wanted him to have it also.

Haven’t I had enough chocolates in my life? The young and the new should have more to enrich their lives to explore and do more. No, I am not trying to sacrifice myself but watching him eat the 2nd chocolate was so satisfying. From a selfish point of view, I wanted to experience that satisfaction by giving.

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