Developing iOS7 Apps for iPhone and iPad (Fall 2013) by Stanford University

The Stanford University has released a new course “Developing iOS7 Apps for iPhone and iPad by Stanford University” on iTunes 2 days ago, October 31, 2013.

So far, Lecture 1 to 4 has been released. In contrast to the previous semester, this time Paul Hegarty stresses more on the importance of meeting the prerequisites. This is understandable from the viewpoint that the vast amount of topics that will be covered in about 10 weeks. Previous Object Oriented Programming experience is thus paramount. The prerequisites are also especially important if you are an actual student at Stanford and you have to keep up in order to complete the course in 10 weeks.

However for the rest of us non-Stanford students, we can take the course at our own pace. Drilling down on specific classes, branching out to other technologies and object oriented programming techniques to our hearts content. However keeping up with the course does have some satisfaction as you can always look forward to the videos as they come out. So if you want to actually keep up, I highly recommend you drop all other side-learning objectives and dive in and immerse yourself from head to toe on this course.

This series of blog posts will cover all the topics taught in the course as it unfolds with summary of the notes and slides, actual code and experience of taking the course. So we will begin with Day 1, Lecture 1.

Who might this series of blog posts and notes be useful for? 

Someone who is following the course and interested in various experiments to further strengthen the learning process.

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