WordPress.com: Peace of SAAS and Power of Social Networking

WordPress has come a long way since it’s early days of the default green colored theme which is as far as I can remember was way back in 2003. Two of the great powers of WordPress that I appreciate today, aside from it always being open-source are:

  1. the seamless hosting and upgrades that WordPress.com provides
  2. the WordPress Reader feature and the community around it

As a WordPress developer, have spent way too many days working with client site setups, servers, programming and troubleshooting than I’d like to admit. So I appreciate these days the promise of zero-maintenance systems that SAAS provides. Sure, you can’t customize a system a hundred ways like you can when you are yourself hosting it and have access to the codebase, but that’s the price of the peace of mind SAAS brings to the table.

WordPress Reader and the community around it has great potential as a non-trivial social networking platform in my humble opinion. I find article-length posts a more meaningful way to communicate important ideas than other popular social networking tools out there. Of course this is my personal preference but the appeal of well laid out thoughts in well organized prose is far greater to me than random bursts of frequent short messages. I am sure a lot of other people out there also might find this style of communication more engaging. Hope WordPress.com will take it to even cooler levels in the near future.

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